“The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part One” Teaser Trailer + Review

It’s strange to think that the next installment to the Hunger Games phenomenon is only a few short months away. Unlike most franchises, THG is pumping out a movie every year to keep our attention away from the crowded dystopian fiction genre it created. Yes, while several new wannabes (including Divergent and The Maze Runner) have done well, nothing can quite come close to the insanity that is The Hunger Games. All three of Suzanne Collins bestselling books were published years before the first movie premiered, unlike Harry Potter, which had books and movies coming out to consistently have our attention. We had predicted that their would be a struggle for THG to stay prominent as newer material was coming in. Sure, the frenzy isn’t the chaos it was back in 2012 when it first premiered, but Catching Fire (which came out last Fall) kept the fire ablaze with a drastically better adaptation. The critical and box office success of the sequel made the franchise even bigger with early predictions saying that next installment could join the billion dollar club, a high expectation that we wouldn’t be surprised if it met. The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part One” has become Hollywood’s only hope to save this year’s embarrassing  box office track record, presumed to be the biggest premiere of the Fall. But as readers of the books know, the series takes a left turn in the last saga (which is split into two parts to milk the enormous success of the franchise) which might make moviegoers feeling cheated. Yes while the three words may be in the title, this will be the first movie where there is no Hunger Games. Instead, the focus is on rebellion- an overused conflict that may leave audiences bored. The book was my least favorite in the trilogy and I have high suspicions that it’ll also be the worst movie of the franchise. The only saving grace will be director Francis Lawrence who will return for both this movie and the fourth film. And of course, anything with Jennifer Lawrence (who has no relation to the director) will be adored because, well, she’s Jennifer Lawrence. But just as a warning, don’t expect much from the movie, no matter how deceiving the trailers may look. Jennifer Lawrence’s name on the billboards and posters might not be able to save the plotline from being the overused bore that it is. But who knows, the movies might make something better from the books. Or at least we hope!


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