Keke Palmer In “Cinderella” On Broadway!!!

After the mistake of Carly Rae Jepsen, it seems casting directors for “Cinderella” have made up for it by casting Keke Palmer in the iconic role. Starting September 9th, the TV star will be the first African American to take on the fairy tale Princess on Broadway. Palmer, who started as a star on a handful of Nickelodeon shows, starred in Akeelah and the Bee as well as Joyful Noise. She is also the host of the online talk show Just Keke but other than her short stint on Masters of Sex, she’s been out of the spotlight. The talented singer and actress seems like a perfect fit, and the show certainly needs her as much as she needs the show. Just like Chicago, it seems Cinderella’s strategy to run longer will be to rely on star power. While Jepsen’s name certainly helped the show survive the January/February droubt, the show will need a better choice to keep the show going on. Jepsen was infamously bad in the role, but Keke (who can both sing AND act) seems like she could handle the role. Just like how Norm Lewis helped push The Phantom of the Opera into the Top Five at the box office, Keke could do the same in a smaller form. I have to say bravo to the casting directors for this surprising but smart choice.


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