“Interstellar” Official Trailer + Review

Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated epic is a poorly timed but remains to be a brilliant sophisticated space odyssey. While the Dark Knight and Inception director’s name on the project made me sold already, this third trailer has completely won me over. Matthew McConaughey (who has consistently remained in the spotlight since his historic Oscar win last year), will certainly reaffirm our belief in him as a talented actor in this vulnerable role. Anne Hathaway (who has not consitently remained in the spotlight since her Oscar win) has found a perfect role to reclaim her spot in Hollywood. But as I said in my opening, this is poorly timed. While it could be the perfect Oscar bait for Nolan, Gravity will be the reason this movie is not getting recognized when February rolls around. While to me this movie has a much stronger storyline, I can’t guarantee that the Academy will fall in love with ANOTHER space epic. Hathaway and Sandra Bullock’s characters look very similar, and the more supernatural elements to the film may make Interstellar less likely to get a gold statue. While I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect match of Indie and mainstream moviegoing, I would say that this looks like it’ll be a critically acclaimed box office hit (Nolan’s name is on it after all!!!). 


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