COMIC CON Review!!!

This year’s Comic Con, like a reflection of this summer’s box office, was a dull bore that might go down as a legendary worst. Instead of shocking news that shakes the industry, we’re getting more information about what’s previously announced. While The Hunger Games released a new trailer, it was only seen to those lucky enough to go. New cast members for GOT was announced, which was a nice distraction from the Comic Book mahem but it was still a very muted weekend. Marvel and DC, who compete for to control the news narrative, exploded in a fury last year with news of Batman V. Superman and Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was every fanboy and journalists dream. This summer, however had very little surprises. DC won again, as Marvel had miniscule traction with an Ant Man poster reveal and the inevitable announcement that they’ve green-lit Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But that’s not to say DC was much better. Yes, they gave us a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and footage of their highly anticipated epic but with TWO years away until BVS hits theaters, we feel their giving away too much. I mean what else can they show us? Sure, at Comic Con 2015 we’ll probably be getting a trailer, but what will happen in between??? We know the cast and we know the costumes. The synopses isn’t too hard to figure out with the plot implied in the title, so what could they give us? It seems every secret they have as ammo they’ve already expended. Their PR department COULD give us more info on their cinematic universe (which is a vague confusion) but we’re already getting so ahead of ourselves. While Marvel tries to ignite excitement with B List Super-Heroes, DC has an infinite well of iconic legends. But maybe we can’t blame Marvel for it’s horrific performance, but instead Disney. Yes, the billion dollar franchise machine didn’t make any appearance. While they couldn’t keep Marvel from the party, they were able to restrict Star Wars and Pixar news from coming. Because of Disney’s hard efforts to popularize their D23 Expo, they wanted to hold all of their secrets and news announcments until their own expo. And it’s working!!! Yes, last year’s convention has more headlines than this years Comic Con, which is a BIG deal. This weekend should be a global tsunami of epic news. But instead it was a boring disappointment best forgotten. 


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