“The View” at Night??? Zoe Deschanel and Mindy Kailing Hosting?

The View was once one of the most successful shows on television, until 30 years on the air battered the old show into becoming an outdated bore that’s trying to stay  sharp. 

Barbra Walters’ departure last month signified the end to the era, with a hope for a new chapter. With news today that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy have left the show (due to unsettled contract negotiations) it seems this could be the time to start with a blank slate- or start from the ground up.

Barbra Walters was so instrumental to the show, that The View without her presence is pointless. While she will remain an executive producer, can the iconic journalist still be able to give cutting edge ideas at 84?

This could be the perfect time to make a radical change to the sleeping day-time television. What The Talk tried to do for CBS, The View could become for ABC and that is to create an edgy new approach. Unless you’re Ellen, it’s not a great time for daytime talk-shows. 

Late-night talk shows though, seem to be having all the fun. All eyes are cast at them as they make fresh new ideas that make people talk. Old women sitting around a table isn’t invigorating. ABC should be trying to grab BIG names and BIGGER headlines. 


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