Shia LaBeouf ARRESTED at “Cabaret” Performance!!!

As if Broadway didn’t hate Shia LaBeouf enough (who can forget his infamous stint in “Orphans”?), he’s drowned in the deep end.
The once rising star might have retired from “all public life” but he’s still storming headlines for his reckless actions.
On June 26th, LaBeouf went to see a performance of “Cabaret” (starring Allan Cumming and Michelle Williams) but was ARRESTED afterwards for his conduct.
According to audience members, he was completely intolerable and we aren’t at all surprised.
It started when he came in disheveled with a foul stench. In the first act, when he started smoking (which is obviously not allowed). At intermission, he went around grabbing people in uncomfortable places and shoved a strawberry into a women’s mouth (why there were strawberries, we have no idea!!!). After audience member’s complained (rightfully) the cops had to escort the star out of the theater. It was there that he claimed he was in the army and that he would mess them up. While in handcuffs, the cops had to put a mouth guard because of his violent spitting.
I don’t even know where to start with his disgraceful actions. While we’re not surprised, we’re completely disgusted. LaBeouf has been rejected by Hollywood and now completely hated by Broadway.


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