Miley Cyrus Get’s an NBC Special!?

Miley Cyrus Get's an NBC Special!?

Miley Cyrus, the most popular celebrity in the music industry, has made yet another multi-million dollar business deal. Ariring July 6th on NBC, you’ll be able to see for youself (as if you haven’t seen enough) of the shock value known as Miley Cyrus as camera’s follow her on her tour in Spain and Portugal. Her world tour, entitled “Bangerz” launched on Valentine’s Day and has been a contraversial headline ever since. The star, who has a second home in everyone’s newsfeeds, will bring in monster ratings for the network, which struggles to gain an audience for the summer drought. The documentary will show footage and some behind the scenes glimpses of her life but will show far more concert footage than MTV’s special “Miley: The Movement” which aired last Fall. This news comes just days after HBO announced a documentary of Beyonce’s tour. While it’s comparing apples to oranges (and some dare to say wannabes to Queen B), it’ll be interesting to see who wins this dual of documentaries.


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