Kung Fu Panda 3


Before it was a trend in Hollywood to play to the Chinese market, Kung Fu Panda was the surprising success from Dreamwork in need of a franchise after Shrek. Po (played by the perfectly cast Jack Black) brought in over 630 million dollars worldwide with critics raving over the Kung Fu comedy. The sequel, which was green-lit instantly, underachieved but was still a success. The more dramatic and less comedic sequel had low numbers in the US (only 165 million) but the foreign box office saved the blockbuster with it’s end total box office at 665 million (more money yes, but less praise than the first film). It was a close call, but eventually it was decided that Kung Fu Panda 3 WOULD happen, with a release date set for Christmas 2015 (as opposed to it’s usual spot in early Summer). While all major actors will be returning, trending stars like Bryan Cranston (as Po’s father) and Rebel Wilson (likely playing Po’s love interest) make this movie highly anticipated. Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson (who became the first female director of an animated feature with KFP 2) will also return. Capitalizing on their connection to the Chinese market (who has become the 2nd largest box office in the world), for the first time, the animation will be partially created by Oriental Dreamworks out of Asia. On paper, this movie seems like a smashing success. While the producers are hoping to have SIX movies in this franchise (we think it’s a tad ambitious), if any animation franchise could do it it’d be this.


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