Chelsea Handler Talk-Show On Netflix!?

Chelsea Handler Talk-Show On Netflix!?

The crude humored Chelsea Handler has found her next platform to spout profanity and pop culture: Netflix. After seven years of being the only female host a late-night talk show, she’ll be jumping ship (“Chelsea Lately” was on the E! Network) over to the widely popular video streaming site for multiple new projects. With Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert all making giant leaps in their careers, it came as no surprise that Handler was unsatisfied with where she was. Handler was outspoken about her disliking towards E! Network calling it a “sad, sad place to live.” While it became no surprise that she would be leaving her show at the end of the year, it was never clear what was next for her. While she was rumored to be jumping to CBS, the censorship on her comedy made the comedian decline the network’s offers. This news, that she’ll be heading over to Netflix, is both surprising and brilliant. Netflix, whose famous for giving you everything all at once, will be airing a show daily for the first time. While it’s described vaguely as a late-night talk show, it’ll be viewed all throughout the day. This change to the Netflix infrastructure (which has only produced scripted series) will be an interesting one to see play out. If it wasn’t a threat already (gaining more Emmy nominations than any other network last year) ABC, NBC, and CBS should certainly be worried as Netflix is on the rise. Chelsea Handler (who will also be airing several stand-up routines on the site) may be just the thing to spark the fire. While her show isn’t slated to start until 2016 (we were surprised by this late date too) Netflix is rapidly becoming the network to watch and watch out for.


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