Vlogbrothers: The Most Influential Men Of The Next Generation!!!

Despite Miley Cyrus’ horrifying music videos, it seems that good can still come out of YouTube. And by good I mean great.

With a single click on any of VlogBrothers’ videos, you find yourself being productive by procrastinating. Brothers John and Hank Green are geniuses rambling on topics from health care to watermelon internet trolls. Their two million subscribers call themselves nerdfighters but fan-girls might be more accurate. I dare you to type their names into Tumblr and not get millions of stalker level posts of their faces on T-Shirts, shoes, and pumpkins (yes I did say pumpkins).

Along with Vlogbrothers, the pair created CrashCourse while Hank also started SciShow which are two widely popular educational series on YouTube (they each have over a million subscribers). Together they also started Vidcon-the ComicCon of YouTube. Every year, the convention attracts thousands of fans around the world.

But nerdfighteria isn’t the only thing they’ve risen to cult status. They popularized DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) and have founded the non-profit organization Project For Awesome.

As if that wasn’t enough, John Green is arguably the most influential YA author of all time. The voice of a generation (people compare him to John Hughes), his books are some of the highest grossing of this decade.

Of the many titles a teen adores, The Fault In Our Stars, the incredible story about cancer patience falling in love, is arguably the most popular YA book ever written. Capitalizing on it’s success, the critically acclaimed movie adaptation just hit theater’s last week with another one of his books, Paper Towns, headed to the big screen soon.

Right now, these two talented young men couldn’t be more prominent. YouTube has never created such powerful and influential celebrities.

But unlike Miley Cyrus, they deserve it.


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