Spongebob Movie For 2015!?

Spongebob Movie For 2015!?

Hollywood seems to like Bikini Bottom!!! After ten years, Spongebob will finally get another movie, hitting theaters nationwide in February 2015. While it seems everything is getting a movie (when Grumpy Cat becomes a franchise you have to reevaluate what’s reality), Spongebob seems like a great idea. Little is known about the sequel other than it’s title: Sponge Out Of Water. Along with a very telling poster, an homage to Water Babies sunscreen (we think!), it’s become pretty clear that this movie will be a shakeup. While we don’t know much about the plot, the title tells us that this is going to be about Spongebob in the real world with the title character looking more CGI than cartoony. This is a very distinct change to the brand, which is famous for it’s classic hand-drawn style. Could this be a disaster like the Garfield movies or could it be a brilliant next chapter? The popular show (which has become close to a phenomenon) has been on Nickelodeon since 1999 (yes FIFTEEN years! Can you believe it?). Their last movie, which came out in 2004, was also a major success. Right when the audience has faded, producers made the smart choice to revive the franchise with this sequel. This radical change is just the thing to shake things up and reinvigorate the series. It seems 2015 has yet ANOTHER movie to add to it’s slate. Get ready for one heck of a year!


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