HERCULES Official Trailer + Review

Say what you will about The Rock, he’s clearly trying. Unlike most athletes turned actors, Dwayne Johnson has SOME credibility in Hollywood for the effort he puts into each role and his investment into the character. While his performance may not be up to the standards of Meryl Streep, he can at times exceed our mild expectations. But will the same be said for Hercules, the biggest project (and most challenging) of his career? Hercules is his first role where acting skills are vital (it’s hard to prove yourself in romantic comedies). Based on the only footage we have our hands on (two trailers) it appears producers have little faith in him. Out of the four or five minutes, we see him only shout a few short sentences. And unfortunately, while he may look like the intimidating demigod of legends, every time he opens his mouth we’re removed from the trailer. While he may be a draw at the box office we think someone more like Armie Hammer (who’s box office poison) couldn’t pulled off the paper thin script. Having said that, I think the direction of the film is stunning with shots that elevate the epic story. But it’s hard to find a Greek/Roman movie in the fast few year’s that isn’t stunning. We feel like Hercules is a mixed bag. While it will have a modest box office, we feel it’ll also have mild reviews.


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