WOW!!! “Gangnam Style” Viewed 2 Billion Times!!!

A year after it changed the internet for better or worse, “Gangnam Style” just crossed over 2 billion (with a b!!!) views. The annoying catchy song (paired with the genius absurdity of PSY), the song is the most watched video on YouTube. Justin Bieber’s video “Baby” just rounded a billion (joining PSY as the only videos to reach over a billion) but his doesn’t even come close to the absolute insane success of the Korean pop song. PSY’s second music video, “Gentleman” may not have been as popular, but it became the most viewed video in a singly day (38 million) this year. PSY has not announced any new songs coming out anytime soon (not that we’re really anxious for another one). As much as we may hate the song, you can’t help but smile at the truly brilliant video. Watch the video again (to be the two billionth and first viewer) and remember why it deserved the audience in the first place.


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