Josh Brolin is Thanos!!!

Josh Brolin is Thanos!!!

Ever since the monstrous villain was shown in the credits of the first Avengers movie, we’ve been anxious to find out the man behind the mask (or really the man behind the absurd amount of CGI). We thought we’d learn SOMETHING about the antagonists role as everyone anticipated him to be the main villain in Avengers 2 but when the movie got the tagline “Age of Ultron” we were totally lost. But now, we’ve got shocking new information on the comic book icon. While it was stuntman Damon Poitier who played Thanos onscreen for those few moments at the end of Avengers, Josh Brolin willl lend his voice to the famous character. Brolin, although he has a spotty track record at the box office, is a superb actor. He could be the next Tom Hiddleston (who did a spectacular job with Loki). Thanos will make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy (which premiers in just three months!!!) as more of an overseer and will also play a part in the next Avengers. We expect though that in Avengers 3, he’ll be taking center stage. Rumors have been circulating that at some point Marvel will try to take their superheroes up to space (just like in the comics). This news of Thanos (who lives in space) solidifies this. Could we finally get that Planet Hulk movie? Maybe!!! We’re just so excited at the potential this news brings!!!


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