Ariana Grande Music’s Next Adele!?


Ariana Grande has officially become a celebrity- if last year’s album didn’t prove it, “Problem” certainly has. She may look small and fragile, but her voice is a powerhouse with a range the music industry has never heard. The 20 year old singer has style- making a music video that’s both classic and new. What’s so staggering is that she’s still starring on Nickelodeon, a platform she doesn’t need anymore. For years people knew her as the ditsy red head and suddenly she’s scrubbed off her past and has blossomed. She surprised us when she came out with an astoundingly good album (and singles like “Right There” and The Way”) last year and we were even more impressed when she sustained it. Her collaboration with rapper Iggy Azalea is the perfect move. Their two singles (which both feature each other) are at the top of the charts. What’s next for this talented starlight? Well, rumors claim we can expect an album from Grande by the fall. Meanwhile, “Problem” could be (deservedly) the song of the summer.


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