Tyra Banks: America’s Next Top…Talk Show Host!!!


Tyra Banks will return to daytime television!!! Having just negotiated a contract for ABC, her new show (untitled) will premiere this fall.

Using her words, it will be the start of “a new era of lifestyle, beauty and entertainment that will inspire women to be the CEO of their lives via honesty, humor and the newest tips and tricks without being intimidating or precious.”

If the promise is actually reached, it could be interesting. We think that the biggest point of view she could bring to the saturated genre would be a fresh, sharp, uncensored look at pop culture and daily news.

It could be a much more interesting version of The Talk which was once the edgy choice for those who passed on The View. With Barbra gone, they could try to make the show a little more lively, but it seems bringing Tyra to their network could be even better.

Her biggest competition of course, is Ellen who (once Oprah left) has been the reigning Queen of Daytime TV. We had first thought opponents like Queen Latifa could pose a threat to her but all proved me wrong. Tyra could easily be the same.

The key would be to use social media throughout her show. She has an undeniable presence on Twitter and Instagram and it could be used to her benefit. Integrating it could be a new way to interact with her audience.

Let’s not forget that she’s no stranger to talk-shows. She hosted The Tyra Banks Show which ran from 2005-2010.

While we liked her first show, this could be a chance to shake things up.

The extraordinarily talented entrapanuer did not only break boundaries as the first mainstream African-American model, she’s also tried her hand in acting and she even wrote a book. And god knows she understands the industry. Banks created the longest running reality show in history, America’s Next Top Model, which (since premiering in 2003) has branched out into 26 different international versions.

We think this could be an interesting new choice for TV. She’s got an army of fans that would support her as she starts this next chapter. And we’re sure we’ll end up being one of them.


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