TV Musicals That Would Be Better Than “The Sound of Music”

With Peter Pan, Grease, and The Music Man headed to our living rooms, it seems TV musicals are officially a thing. To commemorate this new trend, we thought we’d add what other musicals should get the special transfer to cable television.


Andrew Llyod Webber’s rock/pop hit may be religious, but it could be perfect for the Easter season. Plus, it has an ensemble cast that could be filled with A-Listers. What about Adam Lambert or Lea Michelle? Lady Gaga could even play a part. The more off-beat the better!!!


TV is in desperate need of diversity and The Wiz could be the perfect thing to do it. Bruno Mars could play the Scarecrow (once played by Michael Jackson). Brandy or (if they were going for a wilder theme) Rihanna could play Dorothy. As if that wasn’t a dream cast in itself, Cee Lo Green could play the Wizard himself!!!


Their creepy and their cooky, mysterious and spooky… but also a PERFECT choice. Could there be a better TV special for Halloween? If they did some work on the musical that already exists (it was on Broadway for a short period of time in 2012), it could work. Nathan Lane could reprise his role as Gomez and maybe Lorde or Selena Gomez (see what I ddi there?) could play Wednesday. The return to TV (who could forget the iconic series from years yonder?) could be one for the ages!!!


This hilarious comedy is raunchy, but could push the boundary for what’s allowed on TV. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis could be an interesting choice for some of the many great roles the show has to offer. Instead of something too serious, this light-hearted comedy could be just what we need.


Roald Dahl’s children’s classic would be fun for the whole family. They could use material from the West End production to add a score. Tom Hiddlestone could be the perfect Willy Wonka (anyone would be better than Johnny Depp!!!). This rags to riches story has to be played out on the small screen! Don’t you think?


If The Addams Family doesn’t work out, TNBC could be perfect for a November premiere. Tom Hiddleston, if he didn’t do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, could be a great choice for Jack. If they added a couple more songs, it could be a smashing hit.


We want to go “Under The Sea” one last time!!! Since ABC is owned by Disney, they could be the perfect ones to produce (and gain the rights) to the classic. Laura Osnes could play the famous red head. Sure, it would be hard to film but we think it could be a really creative adaptation to be remembered.

Now that you have our thoughts, what musical would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section down below!!!



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