Six NBC New Series Announced!!!


It seems this week is all about television with conferences stacked left and right to announce networks lineups for 2014-2015. NBC was the first to announce SIX new shows with awkwardly long trailers accompanying all. While we should have seen it coming, NBC’s new shows are a bore. We would have thought they would have at least come up with some new original material, but this just seems like a very bad knock off of what’s popular right now. Fitting under categories that are already overflowing, we’ve got a pair of crime shows, two romantic comedies, a political drama, and a horror thriller. They’ve bended the mold just enough that they can pass the show off as something different. What’s so disheartening about it is that I like everyone involved. It’s the material that misses the mark. It has this cheap NBC stamp of approval, with too bright of lighting glaring the stiff cardboard characters in cheap sets. It’s frustrating to think that this is the trash they replace great shows like Happy Endings and Community with.

We are absolutely stunned when we saw another crime show green-lit. Haven’t they gotten the message that the concept has been sucked dry? Law and Order: SUV was a hit but NBC will really be pushing their luck with The Mysteries of Laura which basically is a less fleshed out Bones.

Having said that, Bad Judge is a series that’s surprisingly good. It’s crude (which coming from NBC is a big deal) and Kate Walsh’s character, although over the top, also has a subtle, natural hilarity to her.

Because of how popular politics is (thanks to Scandal and Veep) NBC ordered State of Affairs which is less a romantic drama than a suspense thriller. It takes a much darker, much more serious tone that will either be accepted by audiences, or make audiences feel uncomfortable.

If were talking about uncomfortable, we might as well bring up Constantine, an incredibly disturbing and horrifying series that NBC just picked up. While we like that it made our heart beat quicken, it’s not as artistic as American Horror Story nor as smart as The Blacklist.

Marry Me was very close to having me. NBC is really depending on it’s success, putting it up after The Voice against likely The Mindy Project. When it was first announced that Ken Marino and Casey Wilson were attached, I about died and went to heaven. But every shot of Wilson painfully reminded me of how this (and really everything on TV) couldn’t hold a candle to Happy Endings. A to Z is an incredibly generic comedy that is going to be the first one shown the door of the botched group. While I like Cristin Milioti, I couldn’t like her character, or any of the characters. I was just bored and uninvested. They gave me no reason to care.

Overall, this bundle from NBC is a little disappointing but not very surprising from a studio that always misses the mark. What they lack is taste, style, and sophistication. Everything is just so fake and flimsy. If it weren’t for The Voice or The Blacklist, well they would be having some serious problems.


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