Watch Cinderella Trailer!!!

Watch Cinderella Trailer!!!

The highly anticipated but kind of forgotten live action adaptation of Cinderella has given us a trailer. Well, sort of!!! It’s basically a minute long video of a shoe. Oh, and at the end a butterfly comes out of no where. That’s it!!! I guess, the butterfly could represent transformation, but it looks so bad on the perfect (although EXTREMELY unrealistic) glass shoe. The problem with the trailer is that it doesn’t excite me, it just reminds me. The fairy tale movie, which is in post production, could have had SOME footage, even if it’s just close ups of the characters (which includes Cate Blanchett and Helena Boham Carter). Granted, we we weren’t really thinking about the movie (it comes out next year) so any surprise is a good one. It at least gives us a quick reminder what’s headed our way (in time for Maleficent).


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