Stephen Colbert’s Replacement!!!

Stephen Colbert's Replacement!!!

Comedy Central didn’t take any time to announce who’ll be replacing Stephen Colbert’s precious time slot: Larry Wilmore.

Wilmore, for the many who don’t know, has an array of credits that make him worthy of sitting behind the desk. He’s appeared in Dinner For Schmucks, Happy Endings, and The Office (he also wrote and was a producer for the show). But what got him the job was his work as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

After years of being the “Senior Black Correspondent,” Jon Stewart pushed for him to take up Colbert’s spot. His boss wanted diversity to be an integral part of the next show he creates and he’s getting his wish. The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore will “feature a diverse panel of voices currently underrepresented in comedy and television.”

We think this a genius idea but they could’ve really shaken things up. What if they had a female co-anchor??? Women are shoved in the E! Network during late night TV, but why not let them take a stand on Comedy Central? While we think Wilson could handle it, we doubt he can carry a show five times a week. Having a co-anchor would really make the show go by quickly and swiftly.

But all the same, The Minority Report seems like a brilliant idea. We of course, though, feel bad for Jon Oliver who jumped boat just before a spot opened up. He would’ve been the obvious choice but this could be better.

The Minority Report will not only address the problem of diversity on TV, it will make a move to end it. We’re excited to see how this will play out in this very interesting late night TV arena, that’s been shaken up this year. After Jimmy Fallon’s audience settles down, who will really be the clear winner. It’ll be hard to say. Right now, there’s no bad option.


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