Sneak Peek: Batman Costume and Batmobile!!!

Sneak Peek: Batman Costume and Batmobile!!!

While Star Wars doesn’t even need to try, Zach Snyder is doing anything he can to control the headlines. This time, he may just have it.
Trying to prove the tsunami of opinions about the film (all vicious) wrong, the director tried to prove our doubts wrong by releasing a photo.
While they haven’t started filming, we’ve got our first look at Ben Affleck in Batman’s suit. Being in his 40’s, this movie will have the Dark Knight tired and old. But, of course, he’ll still be sickeningly buff having been injected with a myriad of steroids. We think this suit is perfect, showing he’s exhausted but still motivated.
Next to the caped crusader is his equally iconic batmobile. Yesterday, Snyder promised a photo of the car but it looks like we got an added bonus. The bat mobile looks very similar to Tim Burton’s rather than Christopher Nolan’s more humanized version.
Sure, we love the bat mobile and Batman’s new getup, but we think this is a poor choice by Snyder. While it makes sense that he wanted to prove us wrong, this is too soon. I think he should have kept us in the dark to make the movie anticipated. 2016 is a long way away. In that time, if there going to be releasing info at the pace their going, we’ll know too much before the movie even premiers.
But what’s done is done. Zach Snyder seems to have proved his point that this could work. Now that we have SOME faith in him, we hope Snyder won’t let us down.


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