Apple Acquires Beats for 3.2 Billion

Apple Acquires Beats for 3.2 Billion

Apple, a company just yards ahead of Samsung, just settled negotiations for it’s biggest acquisition to date: Beats.

For those who don’t have teenagers, Beats are absurdly overpriced headphones that give the term “swag” a bad name. Their uncomfortable and have poor sound quality, but because they’ve got Dr. Dre’s name slapped on it, their incredibly successful.

While Beats are “swag” and Bose are “class” there needs to be a middle ground that’s “style.” We, along with several other sites, thought Apple would try to get into the market with their own brand of headphones/earphones, not buy one that’s already out there.

But, what Apple sees in Beats isn’t their cheap plastic headphones but their new app Beats Music. With iTunes sales quickly dropping, Apple is trying to develop a streaming music site to compete. iTunes Radio was there attempt to take on Pandora but with Spodify, people now find they can stream free music AND have control over what they listen to.

Instead of starting from the ground up, Apple’s taking a short-cut and instead improving (instead of building) a music streaming app (because music downloads are now a thing of the past).

This deal is beneficial to both parties as they can share sales as they advertise their products at the Apple Store. Having said that, we would have much rather seen Apple create something themselves instead of getting involved in the overvalued Beats by Dre.

So, add another player to this heated competition as companies become monopolies on their way to conquer all of technology.


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