“The Music Man” For NBC

76 trombones led the big parade…all the way to the screen!!!

NBC just announced plans to air a live screening of The Music Man. This musical follows a newfound trend with The Sound of Music (2013) Peter Pan (2014) and Grease (2015).

As only one musical has aired (and to terrible reviews) we’re a little surprised at NBC faith in the trend. Fox, who’ll produce Grease, is trying to join the train but it seems no one knows whether it’ll derail.

God only knows that it didn’t get off on the right start. While it made up for it in millions of views, NBC’s first attempt, The Sound of Music, was universally hated. It was one thing to announce a shot at redemption, but planning TWO musicals is a major risk, having failed to execute the first one.

Sticking with very classical production, The Music Man does seem to make sense.

Although no cast has been announced we think Seth MacFarlane, Hugh Jackman, or even Alec Baldwin could lead the band. Or, to be more realistic they could chose someone from Broadway like Norbert Leo Butz or Steve Kazee.

We really like this new shift in television as studios like NBC try to return to the classic era where productions like Cinderella often aired on the small screen. NBC carving a path, could pay off for them if they redeem themselves. Peter Pan will be the biggest indication, but we think The Music Man could be great.


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