Community Officially Cancelled!!! Like, For Real This Time!!!


So much for six seasons and a movie!!! Community, whose always been on the edge, has officially been axed by NBC. The show, which has been close to cancellation pretty much every Spring, has had it’s share of hiatuses. After a disastrous fourth season, we thought there was a chance Community could redeem itself with executive producer Dan Harmon back on board. But the episodes that followed were much darker and audiences no longer liked it being dunked in the deep end. After a mild ratings, NBC finally pulled the plug. But that’s nothing to be sad about!!! Five seasons is incredibly impressive for a show so unconventional. Community was at times genius absurdity with rapid fire one liners and at other times just weird. But fear not!!! Community might not be over just yet!!! It is rumored that Netflix and Hulu are interested in picking it up. But of the two, Hulu has the best chance having already bought the rights to syndicate the show. We think it living on online is the best fate for the show. The truth is, it wasn’t right for any network. Where it got traction and attention was through online streaming. If we show enough of a riot (there’s practically a Civil War going on online about this) our dreams might come true. So let’s keep on fighting until we get our six seasons and movie!!!


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