PEEPS Movie?

PEEPS Movie?

As if we didn’t already think Hollywood had hit rock bottom, they announce a Peeps movie. Yes, there will be a legitimate full length movie about sugar coated marshmallows!!! What’s next, Candy Corn? In an attempt to capitalize on the Easter season, Peeps is planned to do what “Hop” didn’t. While we might have let “The Lego Movie” slide there’s not a chance in this world that the Peeps movie has even a GLIMMER of potential. Have you heard the synopsis? A Peep get’s lost from it’s diorama (because Peep diorama’s are actually a thing believe it or not!!!) and has to travel through different historical time periods (AKA different diorama’s) to make it in time for judging. Is there any redeeming quality in the laughable plot? The answer is an affirmative no!!! While M&M’s and Goldfish have been diying to get a movie, Peeps has somehow not only cut in line but actually got a green lit!!! We’re they drunk when they approved this? There has to be something mentally unstable with anyone who sees this as a good investment. It’s movies like these that make Hollywood look like trash. At some point we need to get a Recycling Team to clean it up before it’s too late!!!


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