Joaquin Phoenix In Next Woody Allen Film

Joaquin Phoenix In Next Woody Allen Film

Love him or hate, Woody Allen is not slowing down!!! With over 70 movies to his name, with two on the way, this tireless director, screenwriter, and actor (can we just call him a genius?) redefines the term “workaholic.” And even more impressive than that staggering number is that each and every one is a different work of art in the bottomless treasure trove of his career. Just announced, his reputation (somewhat battered by accusations tearing apart his personal life) as a fresh new perspective will remain the same. While he finishes up his work on “Magic in the Moonlight” starring Collin Firth and Emma Stone, it was just announced that Joaquin Phoenix will star in his next film. Being famous for his A-List connections, Allen continues to land the biggest names in Hollywood. Phoenix, the king of off-beat Indie films, seems the perfect fit for Allen’s style. Although little is known about the project Phoenix will be apart of, filming is set to begin this summer with a 2015 release date, showing that the year’s not just for the cash grabbing blockbusters but that some taste can slip through the cracks.


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