Gwen Stefani Joins “The Voice”

Holla back!!! Gwen Stefani, the strong minded rock singer, will coach Season 7 of “The Voice.” While it’s weird that all female judges on the show have been blonde, it’s almost a right of passage, Stefani is the perfect replacement for Christina Aguilera. In fact, there almost inter changeable. Both have strong roots as they ruled MTV and the 90’s with the occasional hit every now and then. The talented singer, with a range that would blow your mind, seems like a safe bet to bring in the audience “The Voice” has maintained for so long. This “Rich Girl” needs a little pick me up after slowly disappearing from the spotlight having just become a mother. This is the perfect thing to bring her back on track. We think this is the perfect contract for both Stefani and “The Voice.” And with Pharell Williams also joining the team? Every time, they remind us why “The Voice” deserves it’s place in homes across America.


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