Barbie Live-Action Movie!?

Barbie Live-Action Movie!?

While the iconic doll has conquered all platforms (pun intended) Barbie has her eyes on the big screen. Sure, she has a handful of straight to DVD movies to her name, but this time she wants to be a Blockbuster. Inspired by the surprising success of “The Lego Movie,” in true Hollywood fashion, they’ll be doing everything they can to exhaust, er um… I’m mean capitalize on the new found genre. Combining this and live-action (something that’s EVERYWHERE now a day’s) their sure to have a success. “Sex and the City” screenwriter Jenny Bicks is set to work on brining the beloved toy to life on the screen. We’re hoping, no actually we’re praying, that this won’t accompany it’s previous movie adaptations that have degraded the intelligence of five year old girls. We think a satyrical or moving “Legally Blonde” like project could really work to reinvigorate the fading franchise. As to who’ll play Barbie herself, or at least who can pretend to play the ridiculously unrealistic sticks of plastic caked with makeup, we don’t know. If there going for someone who is closest to Barbie, Paris Hilton. But if they want even the slightest bit of dignity they’d chose someone like Brittany Snow. This sounds like it could have a morsel of potential to be something inspiring to a new generation if it changes their image. Instead of embracing the stereotypes, I think they should fight them by having Barbie not a superficial mahican but an endearing character any girl could identify with. Barbie, could maybe, just maybe, be an opportunity to change something in our society.


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