At Long Last!!! Jersey Boys Trailer!!! At long last, our demands have finally been met. Finally, we have actual footage of the long awaited Jersey Boys, a movie that seems near impossible to predict at the Box Office. The Broadway musical adapted to the screen is cutting it close with director Clint Eastwood playing Hollywood’s game to the end, releasing a trailer just before it premiers in June. And I think that was a mistake. This trailer seems like it’s trying to be too many things!!! We think there should have been a short thirty second promo in March to get us excited and wanting more and one filled with footage the second time around. Instead, we’re getting it all mashed into one. While it makes me excited for the movie, there were parts that I felt were unnecessary and I kept thinking the trailer would end when it didn’t. This wasn’t by any means short and sweet but instead everything you need to know. Eastwood I think is a very distinct director whose films can easily be routed back to him. Like all the others, this film seems a little darker than one would expect of such a vibrant time period. This seems like Hairspray mixed with Get On Up. And the ladder will certainly be a key competitor as their similarities will battle in the same time period. Moviegoers will be choosing between the two VERY influential music icons and it’ll be hard to see which one will succeed. While Eastwood is a favorite at the Oscars and Jersey Boys is thought of to be a contender, Get On Up will dominate the awards season leaving little for the movie musical. With the director of The Help and a cast with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer JB doesn’t stand a chance!!! As for the actual quality of the film, it seems interesting enough. It’s cinematic while also showing clear theater elements like monologues straight to the audience. John Lloyd Young (who got a Tony for being Frankie Vallie on Broadway) is hoping to make a movie career out of this stint but it appears this one success of his will also be his last with the talented competition he faces in the movie industry. It’ll be interesting to see how this movie will be assessed by critics and audience members alike. Will waiting so long for a trailer pay off or make the movie go unnoticed? Will Eastwood get an Oscar or will Get On Up beat them to the punch? Let us know down below in the comments section and spark the conversation.


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