What We Want For The Finale of “Glee”

While creative genius Ryan Murphy always had an idea of how his show, Glee, would say goodbye, with the tragic death of Cory Monteith, major plot points began to crumble.

Starting from scratch, MANY ideas have been tossed around. Just like the most recent episodes of Season 5, the final series will take place entirely in New York City. But now, Murphy is saying that a time jump is not out of the question. Whether that means a leap of a two months or two years, we don’t know. In addition, he said that any cast members wanting to come back can, implying that all options are open.

With this open blank page, there’s endless possibilities. We think that, given it’s demographic, they should really focus on these characters achieving fame and what it takes to get there, the good and the bad. While it’s good to have some humor, we really want drama, not some boring celebration of the past like in Season 3. If we could have our way, we want this finale to be good enough to make us forget that season 2-5 ever happened.

This could be everything Smash wasn’t. Rachel should have to struggle to get into the spotlight, making both right and wrong choices (maybe she could have a relationship with the director or the other lead). She could have competition (come Tony time) with a competitor. Puck could maybe come on as a stage hand hating that the industry he’s always made fun of he’s now apart of. Artie could be trying to make it as a screenwriter and Kurt an editor for Vogue.

The goal is to get these characters a purpose and an objective. And on their path to get their they make choices they regret. I think investigating a means to an end is a fascinating thing that’s always an issue with stardom.

Now, hopefully, the people PAYED to come up with ideas, can do better than I can. But hopefully you saw the point I was trying to make: give the characters a purpose! Have I overused that phrase too much this article? Yes but maybe it’ll get it in their heads.

Hopefully after four seasons we’d rather forget, we’ll get a finale we’ll always remember.


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