James Franco Furious at New York Times For Bad Review?

James Franco Furious at New York Times For Bad Review?

James Franco, who (let’s face it) dove into the deep end of insanity ever since his out of the box role in Spring Breakers, is acting a little Shia Labeouf.

The award winning actor is now playing on Broadway alongside Chris O’Dowd in Of Mice and Men which just opened Wednesday.

Furious with a less than positive review from Ben Bradley (the theater critic of all theater critics) Franco ranted on Instagram that the legendary journalist was “an idiot” and that he should be “embarrassed” by the fact that he’s “hated by the theater community for good reason.”

Although it was quickly removed, his rant still made a splash online. As if the universally disliked play had any chance at the Tonys before, Franco may have solidified the shows fate. If he even thinks a Best Actor nom is going to be given to him, he’ll be in for a shocker come Tuesday (when the nominee list is officially announced).

While we like Chris O’Dowd, the other half of the partnership we can’t say the same for. Franco, shame on you for being a sour loser after getting a review you deserved! And if you thought pitifully ranting about it on Instagram was going to solve the problem, think again.


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