Brilliantly Dark Romantic Tragedy!? “TFIOS” VS. “IIS”

The Fault In Our Stays may finally have met it’s match.

As a bundle of YA romances are shot through the pipeline, teenage girls need to prove that their demographic of fan girls also mean their an irreplaceable pawn at the box office.

And so while TFIOS is set to come out this June, eyes may be slowly turning to “If I Stay” which strategically dropped it’s first tailer to YouTube today.

Unheard of unless you know what the term “bookvlog” means, you’ve probably never heard of the emotional best seller “If I Stay” which has grabbed every reader’s heart.

The trailer, which popped out of know where, finds Chloe Grace Moretz showing she has what it takes to stop similar star Shailene Woodley from being the most beloved YA headliner (although Woodley is putting up a fight with both Diverget and TFIOS).

The brilliantly dark romantic tragedy tells the story of seventeen year old Mia, a talented cellist about to attend Julliard, whose fallen in love with a teenage guitarist looking for fame. But in a blur of confusion, the plot takes a sharp turn as she becomes trapped in a coma after a car crash that killed the rest of her family. Recalling experiences of the past, Mia must choose whether she’ll try to keep on fighting to live or let it all go.

The fresh new script with talented performers (like Moretz) will make this a surprise hit. While there’s little buzz around the low budget film, there’s something about it that makes us think there’s something special about it.

While we may not know what that is quite yet, were wanting to find out. Even if we’re among the few, the trailer has sold us a ticket to a likely heart wrenching emotional experience.


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