Spiderman: Building a Cinematic Universe

While Marvel and DC fight ruthlessly, Sony will come in from behind unnoticed.

Yes, the juggernauts may have thousands of heroes to choose from, but somehow Sony has been able to build a cinematic universe around only one.

Sure, Marvel prides itself on their colorful light hearted approach and DC with the darker spectrum, but Sony has mastered the balance between both: having comedic sarcasm in their hero while having there villains be taken seriously.

Maybe Spidey can’t compete with Iron Man or Batman, but while Marvel and DC fail to come up with a memorable antagonist, Sony is rich with their treasure trove of iconic villains that neither of the studios could compete with. The one chance Marvel had (the Maderine) they screwed up!!!

Using The Amazing Spiderman 2 as an introduction, producers will be putting their legendary villains on the frontline by announcing stand alone movies focusing on The Sinister Six and Venom before the franchise comes to a close with Spiderman 4.

It’ll be interesting to see whether these characters, without the support of Spiderman, can really make a stand alone movie.

We don’t have any doubt about The Sinister Six but we thought it would be better to have Spiderman be five movies with Venom in the fourth. His relationship with Peter Parker is SO important to his character that without the plot point, it might be hard to make Venom fleshed out.

But we understand that it’s too late to have that changed. It won’t change the fact that this emphasis on villains will pay off. Marvel might be a harder one to take over, but in time Spiderman will take the lead in this competitive market. And it would be a victory well deserved.


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