NOOOO: Late Show with Stephen Colbert!!!

NOOOO: Late Show with Stephen Colbert!!!

It was announced last week that none other than Stephen Colbert would take over for David Letterman as the Late Show host. And here’s why we hate it.

What’s so frustrating about it all is just how close Colbert was to success. Let’s face it: he’s always been second to Jon Stewart. To prove it, The Daily Show had had ten (yes ten!!!) consecutive Emmy wins while The Colbert Report had a solid amount of nonexistent.

Colbert, who got his start on Stewart’s show, was always a tag along to Jon Stewart’s mayhem. But finally, last year was his year; the time that Colbert was able to come up from behind and really be in the spotlight- not the dark shadows.

His eccentric and absurd persona finally was recognized. He got the Emmy and shortly after he had the fans. Something happened after Stewart returned from his show after Jon Oliver played Substitute Teacher, we found how much we didn’t miss him.

After more than a decade, Jon Stewert has become…repetitive. And sure too much of Colbert is unwatchable but he became the perfect break from the all to familiar Daily Show.

He was on the curve, the tip, with just a gentle push to make him fall into stardom. Instead, he gives up, after coming so far and coming so close, to the “better” opportunity. A year from 50, it was a time for a decision point: stick with being second fiddle, or finally being number one. And he chose the later.

What I think’s going to be so problematic about it all is that this is a risk…a big one. Colbert has always hid behind this larger than life persona, rip that away you don’t know who he really is. We might watch him every night of the week and not actually know who he actually is. By next year, we’re finally going to be able to see the real Colbert, the one without the mask.

But even then, he’s not free. Comedy Central had no reign on the comedian but he’ll be held with a tight leash on the conservative CBS network. It will be made clear what he can and cannot do and what and what is not appropriate.

And Colbert could have been so much. Instead of being limited but front and center, he could’ve gone that extra mile and finally rule Comedy Central, with (for once) Jon Stewart on the sidelines.

It would’ve been great to finally see him win the victory he’s been working so hard to get.



  1. staciblank · April 13, 2014

    Respectfully and TOTALLY disagree. This platform will provide Stephen with an opportunity like no other. He is beyond fabulous and now the millions of people who never would have known….will.

    • Ultimate Entertainment · April 25, 2014

      That’s certainly true!!! Sure, he’ll get a lot more attention, but I think his strong and loyal fans will have a hard time saying goodbye to such a beloved (and absurd) character and be just as happy with the REAL Colbert. Ripping off that mask is a HUGE risk. He’s made it to where he is BECAUSE of his persona and taking that away is difficult because Colbert didn’t earn his fame by being who he is but by being that larger than life character.

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