Mystique Movie Starring Jennifer Lawrence?

Mystique Movie Starring  Jennifer Lawrence?

Because the beloved Jennifer Lawrence could do no wrong, X Men producers are putting her and her character (Mystique) in the limelight for a potential spin-off.

For a long period of time distributor Fox had no interest in these spin-offs, but with a new regime their starting to see the possibilities.

While characters like Gambit and Deadpool are also being considered, it seems like an obvious choice to put Mystique in front.

She’s already gotten “promoted” in the recent X Men film with her screen time drastically increasing, and there’s now so much to tap into.

Not to mention how producer’s could capitalize on our obsession with the Hollywood starlight, Jennifer Lawrence. She may have been overused at the Academy Awards (sometimes undeservedly) but she’s still all the more adored.

She’s right now filming the final installments of The Hunger Games but in 2015 she could find time to go in front of the camera in the famous blue body suit.

We hope this dream could come true!!! We love the character and love the actress even more. The two together in a stand alone film would be everything we ever wanted.


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