“Allegiant” Part One and Part Two?

Because there’s no such thing as originality in the world of Hollywood, the last Divergent installment, “Allegiant,” will follow so many others and be split into two parts. They’ll be following in the footsteps of several YA franchises including Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. While we understand why producers would go this route (Divergent made over $50 million when it opened) this continuous strategy to steal every penny movie goers have, is getting frustrating. Why can’t the series be as it was intended to be? Do we really NEED to have a book dragged out into too long a movie? No!!! What’s even worse is that the final film will be released in 2017, four years after the final book premiered. In the always changing tastes of their target audience (now 13/14 year olds) it’s hard to see those same people, being 16 or 17, be interested. Quite frankly the whole genre may cave in when The Hunger Games wraps up in 2015. Won’t five years of the genre be enough??? We don’t need SEVEN!!! This gamble seems premature. You know when doubts are arising NOW, movie goers in 2017 will be even more suspicious. And quite frankly, we’re one of them!


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