Glee Season Cut Short!!!

Glee Season Cut Short!!!

Gleeks, fans for the undeservedly popular “Glee,” will be disappointed at the news that Season 5 will be cut short by two episodes. This will round the season off to 20 episodes. But don’t worry! It’s more than likely that the two episodes will be added on to Season 6. While some may be sad at this news, we think it’s great…even if it’s pointless. Season 5 seems to never end while Season 6 seems like an undoubtable disappointment. We hope they can end Season 5 as soon as they can and spend this time on making the final season an epic revival of the once acclaimed show. Instead of being an ongoing joke of cheesy absurdity, there may be hope that the show can redeem itself in it’s final chapter. At least we hope so!!!


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