“Happy” News: Pharrell Williams to Coach on The Voice

Get ready for a frustrating amount of puns as everyone is “Happy” that the multi-talented Pharrell Williams will sit in one of the iconic red chairs as a coach for The Voice.

Roaring into it’s seventh season (I know, I can’t believe it either!!!) the NBC ratings juggernaut can still surprise us.

Pharrell Williams, who may not look it but IS forty, had an astonishing year producing “Blurred Lines” AND “Get Lucky,” the two hottest songs of the summer. He recently came out with an album this year that’s on the top of the charts and his single “Happy” has become the biggest song of 2014 (even though it was released last year).

Getting him for The Voice is a huge accomplishment and the perfect change to make the show a continuous winner while American Idol and Dancing With the Stars fail to catch up.

Likely replacing Usher while he works on his upcoming album, we think Williams couldn’t be better for the show. He is a fresh new face that’s popular enough to bring an added interest to the familiar competition.

While Cee Lo Green announced he was leaving the hit show for good, no word has come to whether Christina Aguilera, whose expecting a baby, will take a break.

Regardless, the cutting edge show that’s always ahead of the curb, now has ANOTHER reason to watch with Pharrell Williams as a judge.


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