Percy Jackson 3 NOT Happening!

Percy Jackson 3 NOT Happening!

Logan Lerman made the rumors true: Percy Jackson: The Titans Curse is not moving forward.

On the red carpet for Noah, he told MTV “it’s been a great experience for me. It’s opened up a lot of doors for me, but I don’t think it’s happening.”

Fans of the Percy Jackson series will not be happy to hear this news but investors aren’t surprised.

Although in total they’ve made $420 million at the worldwide box office, the numbers haven’t motivated the cast or crew to continue on with the franchise.

With too long a time between installments, (it took three years to come out with a sequel) it seemed like fans of the 2005-2009 book series no longer were impatient but uninterested.

Their second attempt, last years Sea of Monsters, was universally disliked by critics and disappointed executives with it’s box office. Their failure certainly made audiences question whether a third could ever come to fruition.

Of course, Logan Lerman (who starred in the franchise) does not represent the franchise officially. We will have to wait until someone from the creative team definitively says. But for now, unsurprisingly, Percy Jackson: The Titans Curse will never hit theaters.


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