Hyperbole and a Half is Hilarious and Full

Hyperbole and a Half is Hilarious and Full

Never in my entire life have I ever read a book filled with such hilarity. If ever you thought laughter could never be shared with books, author and genius Allie Brosh refuses to agree.

After the major success of her website of the same name, everything she puts out to the public is worshiped and glorified. Her first book is no exception.

Her lovable character is now adored. The simple drawings that look like their done for a 1998 version of Microsoft Paint, are filled with small hilarity. Whether it’s her awkward expressions or absurd situations (all told with perfect comedic timing) you’ll have a smile on your face that won’t fade away.

Brosh’s ability to make someone laugh at the stupidest things and also articulate the darkest (like her deep depression) make her book a true triumph.

Hyperbole and a Half is near perfection. Brilliantly deceptive, you are surprisingly completely attached to these characters. Chalk full of the ridiculous, I’ve never been more entertained.


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