What Happened to Jersey Boys?

What Happened to Jersey Boys?

Despite a fast approaching premiere date (June 20th) we haven’t seen the slightest bit of footage (yet alone a trailer) for Jersey Boys directed by Clint Eastwood. This bold risk is certainly a new strategy but one we don’t think producers can pull off to make this movie a success.

Movie musicals have to appeal to a very critical and specific demographic: fans of the Great White Way while also introducing it to main stream audiences.

Right now, Jersey Boys is only appealing to half of that (Broadway fans) and just barely. Those that loved the musical are the only ones rooting for the movie. Jersey Boys is getting nothing close to mainstream attention with virtually nothing to be excited about.

There is NO attention or anticipation regarding the film, which is a total nightmare for investors.

With only a few months before the movie hits the screens, they’ll need to have serious marketing campaigns to save it. We’re talking trailers, promos, posters, and more. Clint Eastwood is going to need to pull all the strings he can get to make this movie seen.

Right now, he’s been showing it at small press conferences. And what’s annoying about these private sessions are that the footage shown get’s standing ovations. So if they clearly have a heck of movie, why not be proud of it and show it off!?

Is it the budget? I first thought this was the answer but the show seems to be well received (by the elite that saw the footage) so it’s likely going to be well received by many, meaning a respectable box office.

So what’s the problem? If not the budget, I really don’t know. But whatever it is I hope they can figure it out fast and get the project down the pipeline. Their marketing needs to REALLY step up their game and fast. If not, Jersey Boys is in serious trouble and guaranteed to struggle.


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