“TFIOS” Will Reunite For “Paper Towns”

The Fault In Our Stars may not have premiered yet, but with the amount of attention it’s deservedly getting, executives have already signed on to another John Green phenomenon: Paper Towns.

Considered to be one of his best works (second to TFIOS), the best selling novel tells the story of a young teenager searching for his love interest who has abruptly gone missing. Of course, like all of Green’s work, a single sentence cannot truly encapsulate all of the emotion between the pages but telling you any more would ruin the adventure of reading it.

The movie has the same creative team that worked on TFIOS including producer Wyck Godfrey with Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber for the script.

Nat Wolff, who will play Isaac in The Fault In Our Stars, has been promoted in the studio (distributor Fox 2000) and will play the lead, Quentin.

As for who will play his love interest Margo, we though Jennifer Lawrence would be phenomenal but based on her schedule, it’s unlikely. If not her, we think Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale would be great.

Regardless, this is obviously great news for fans (of which their are many) for the book.

While TFIOS hasn’t yet premiered, we’re confident that the high expectations will be met (both at the box office and by critics) and therefore another John Green movie will be welcomed with open arms. And we’d be lying to say we aren’t excited!


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