Pixar Announces The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3

Pixar, a studio trying to gain back the integrity they deservedly lost, is only solidifying their reputation that’s collapsing with each sequel it forces out.

Instead of taking the year to put their studio in order, it seems Pixar will keep their oiled machine roaring no matter the many dysfunctional parts.

While original concepts like The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out show promise, the studio has THREE sequels slated including The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 which in our minds, is a step backwards. The focus right now should be on creating original material instead of being reliant on past successes.

Sure, some could argue that The Incredibles 2 holds promise with original writer and director Brad Bird attached, but is there really any hope for Cars 3? The exhausted idea has been overused not only in the Cars universe but it’s spin off Planes which sequel has also been green-lit. The franchise that has become more disappointing to critics and the box office alike, is there even the slightest chance of redemption in this third attempt?

What’s so disheartening about this is that we had confidence that they could turn around. Ever since Toy Story 3, there was no where to go but down but they didn’t tumble, they free-falled.

Even though there was Brave, Cars 2, and Monsters University (one worse than the next) we had some hope when Pixar said they’d take a year off to get their “house in order.” We thought that this year would be taken to really reform the studio and change it’s course.

Instead, were getting more of the same which is the concepts we want (like the long awaited Incredibles 2) without any execution. Instead of writing for mature audiences their demeaning their audience by underestimating what they can understand.

Please Pixar, we beg of you: turn back to what you were so good at it!!! We don’t want you to ruin characters we once loved with sequels! Instead, we want fresh original ideas that can reach our expectations. Trust me, your once perfect studio is quickly and quietly being destroyed.



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