“The Giver” Gives Little Promise

What was once thought of as the project that could SAVE the dystopian fiction movie may likely END it as The Giver looks like a complete waste of opportunities.

I’ve never seen such talent squandered. Jeff Bridges passes as the title character (The Giver) but not even Meryl Streep can make the Chief Elder (in a very awkward wig) not seem like a joke. Newcomer, Brenton Thwaites, uncomfortably strange, gives little reassurances to fans furious at the older actor playing the lead half his age. And I don’t even want to remind you that Taylor Swift (yes you hear me right) is in this.

Instead of truly digging deep into the world Lois Lory (who wrote the Newberry Honor winning book) created, they try to convince us that cheap scenic elements no different than the present time period can look like a modern futuristic society. I mean did you see the space ship at the end? My point exactly.

Meant to be the movie that saved the dystopian fiction genre’s reputation (which Ender’s Game completely destroyed) The Giver instead will only add to the other sides argument.

Now that we’ve completely thrown out the slightest possibility of critical acclaim, not even a box office seems there for this movie. Sure, they have fans for the book and fans for the actors (if you can call Taylor Swift an actor), but it seems this awkwardly cut trailer has given audiences every reason why not to go.

Instead, their going to turn to movies like Divergent and Maze Runner while they wait for the next Hunger Games (which will be out in November).

And I think the biggest reason why might be our lead. Divergent has Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) and Maze Runner Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf). Thwaites has neither the fan base nor the talent that Woodley and O’Brien have. The unrecognizable star can’t be the face of the franchise so who can?

The Giver is likely to leave fans of the book utterly disappointed while leaving movie goers not only confused but angry that they wasted their money on this trash they call a movie.








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