Harry Styles “Dancing Through Life” In Wicked Movie?

One Direction’s unquestionable leader, Harry Styles, may be trading World Tours for Broadway.

According to The Sun, the Pop singer is eying the Wicked Witch’s love interest Fieyero in the movie adaptation of Wicked.

While the long-brewing movie has been rumored for quite some time, we think now might finally be the time for Wicked to defy gravity on the big screen. Or at least we hope so!!! We think that late 2016 or early 2017 slate would be PERFECT. Broadway fans are getting anxious to the point of losing faith and since this has been in the works for quite some time we think the creative team could easily create the film we all want and expect in that timeframe.

As for who’s going to be attached, there are plenty of rumors to get us excited while we wait. We already knew that Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry was in talks to direct but the internet has exploded over the idea that 1D member Harry Styles will play Fieyero.

While every blog known to man has voiced their opinion on this choice, we might as well join the club and say that this is a near perfect fit for both Styles and Wicked.

While One Direction is worshiped by millions of fans, by 2016 it looks like a mature rebrand of the band will be the only thing to keep the band from fading into the past. And while that may happen, the likelier approach will be for Harry Styles to jump ship or at least side burner it for other things that will keep him in the spotlight. And that thing would definitely be Wicked.

The show, now a phenomenon on Broadway celebrating 10 years with no closing date in sight, doesn’t need the movie to boost sales but might as 2017 rolls around. The show, which is the most profitable franchise for Universal Studios (more successful that ET I might add!!!) is expected to be the same blockbuster smash. But Harry Styles certainly would help!!! In fact, as we think about other choices, no one really comes to mind except for Styles!

This is pretty much the perfect place for the movie right now as it slowly gains traction. They shouldn’t and won’t release any official news until likely 2015 when the many Broadway movie adaptations coming out this year leave everyone’s minds. Right now were exactly where Producers want us: thinking about the project even if it is with wild unlikely rumors. As time goes by and we start to gain specifics about the adaptation, our dreams will be toned down.

But for right now, in this free for all where anything and everything could happen, this dream choice could, no should, be true!


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