Lindsay Lohan: Our Beloved Mess

Lindsay Lohan: Our Beloved Mess

Premiering last week, the eight part series titled Lohan was filled with no surprises…meaning the troubled star was a complete mess as we all expected and, more sickening, hoped.

It’s disgusting that in our society we want nothing more than the troubled unstable addict to fall farther down the steep ladder of stardom. We want to see a train wreck, not a recovery because we need to feel better about ourselves by criticizing the desperate instead of helping them.

It even seems Oprah wants to see her fail. While she may say her only intention is to save Lindsay Lohan, the infamous icon, she’s really just adding to the fire. Instead of seriously trying to change in this last chance at redemption, Lohan’s tragic life is once again becoming our entertainment.

And as disturbing it is for me to say this, her life, rather her missteps (and aren’t they becoming the same thing?) are thoroughly entertaining. As she only strengthens our hatred for her, we are obsessed with every second of it as we become more and more engrossed in this unattainable idea of fame.

While there isn’t really a difference between Lindsay and any MTV special, having Oprah attached some how makes it seem sophisticated when it’s really about as intellectual as a People Magazine.

We follow the star in this transitional period of her life as she no longer erupts controversy in Los Angeles but instead erupts controversy in New York. Just out of her SIXTH rehab stint, Lindsay has been sober (or at least she claims) although she still smokes quite often.

Over the hour we had our fair share of outbursts.

While there were certainly moments of how Lindsay has recovered and started a new chapter (it is on the OWN network, what do you expect?) there were also shots of the obscenity in what Lindsay has acquired in her teenage years of fame. Whether it be the ridiculous wear house the size of an airplane hanger or the jungle of diamond necklaces, it certainly made you sick at what she has compared to what other’s have not.

While this may question why Lindsay deserves attention, a particularly entertaining outburst was when Lindsay Lohan threw a temper tantrum on the set of a lingerie short film. When asked to do small dialogue Lindsay starts to cry saying it would have “compromised my sanity and my sobriety.” Not the lingerie short film part mind you. The dialogue.

This small glimpse at fame may be disgusting and sickening to watch, but it’s entertaining. While no person deserves to be humiliated and thrown in front of the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan certainly isn’t helping. The tabloid favorite doesn’t seem to be changing. Instead she’s encouraged to make the headlines. And were to blame. For those that feel no guilt, you’ll find yourself adoring every last scene of the disturbing drama of stardom.


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