EPIC Daft Punk & Jay Z Collaboration Confirmed!!!

Who’s ready for one epic single! That wasn’t a question because we already know the answer: heck YES!!!

Pitchfork.com, a fairly legitimate site, has confirmed that Daft Punk and Jay Z have collaborated to create “Computerized” but no source can tell the public whether the actual single will be officially released any time soon.

But, thanks to good old hackers, we’ve gotten a chance to listen to a leaked version online.

Focusing on all the way technology has controlled our lives, “Computerized” certainly got stuck in my head with it’s pulsing beat and offbeat rhythm. Although it sometimes feels fit for a video game or TV commercial, it should have been on the charts not collecting dust as a cut track.

The problem with it’s release was all because of time. The single couldn’t have been produced recently as Jay Z made pretty obvious references to Blackberry when he’s now in a major contract agreement with Samsung. We think it might have been meant for the Tron score, which was made entirely by Daft Punk. Having it not fresh out of the studio, it’s in an awkward zone where producers are on the edge of releasing it and just forgetting it.

The main issue is likely because Jay Z’s contract with Samsung, as he’s basically making it as obvious as possible to advertise Blackberry with this song. But also, I think that now that the majority of the people have heard it, there’s an unlikelihood of it being released. Because what’s the point? Sure they might make a little bit of money but it won’t be near the numbers it would have had if it hadn’t been leaked. The internet beating them to the punch makes it not even worth officially releasing it.

Instead of treading to heavily on “Computerized” we think Daft Punk and Jay Z should just move on and work to get it right the next time around. Which we hope there is!!! This team-up looks so good on paper and sounded so good on the track. Having learned what they did wrong, we are hoping for an epic collaboration of redemption. Maybe a song for their albums slated for 2015/2016? I don’t know! The only thing I do know is that if they can get it right on the second go around, it’ll be one EPIC success.



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