Coldplay’s Unexpected But Below Expectations “Midnight”


Within two months, the term “pulling a Beyonce” has become a cliche but that’s the best way to describe Coldplay dropping a single without warning.

But with this it’s different. Because Beyonce didn’t NEED the surprise release to make her album the Gigantic (with a capital G) success that it was. Sure it HELPED significantly, but her album would still have been well received.

Coldplay on the other hand, is completely dependent on dropping the single without warning. Because to be honest, the song is boring and it seems like so is the band.

With nothing to exciting going on in their plateaued careers, their song does’t deserve the attention it’s getting. And I think producers knew this and made it released unexpectedly to guarantee a ratings spark.

And this lack of faith in the single by producers bleeds into it’s audience, who is losing faith in the once hailed Coldplay.

“Midnight” is a dull song without any real beginning, middle, or end. I liked the feel but listening to it for five freaking minutes is too much. Adding a climax with an added melody and instrument would make it an uplifting hit. But this dreary, practically monotoned sound doesn’t cut it for us.


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