Darth Driver? Star Was Villain Announced!!!

Darth Driver? Star Was Villain Announced!!!

While there are MANY MANY MANY rumors spiraling around the internet from Daniel Day Lewis to Justin Bieber (God help us!!!), it seems that we may finally have our villain for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII.

Yes, Variety reports that Adam Driver will land the demanding and certainly intimidating role in the 2015 blockbuster. Cast as an unnamed villain, Driver doesn’t surprise us as he’s been circling the role like a vulture for months, waiting to steal it.

This announcement, if solidified, will be the first real casting announcement for the project. So far, all we really know about what’ll be happening on screen is that R2D2 will play a part and there’s going to be a heck of a lot of lens glare (JJ Abrams is directing it, what do you expect?).

While they are still, reportedly, in the last few steps of negotiating, it seems like the most problematic hurtle will be his schedule.

He is still a recurring character on the HBO show Girls and with them entering into another season (hopefully better than the last!!!) he’s got a busy future ahead of him. Other notable projects on his resume were Lincoln and this years Inside Llewyn Davis.

While this isn’t the most exciting or shocking casting choice, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther is a tough one to follow, it’s at least a good sign that were getting these announcements. With filming starting this Spring in London, they’re going to have to speed this up if they are hoping to deliver the news first of what to expect.

While DC Comics has shocking star power to pave the way, it seems like Star Wars is taking a different approach of finding talent and making it. With not too much to go off of, we don’t know if this casting is good or bad which could be in their favor. After all, the project is still on everyone’s radar as this shot at redemption is the highest anticipated movie in the incredibly crowded 2015 slate.

But this is still the very beginning- there’s a low way to go until that December 18th release. There’s sure to be quite a lot of drama and choices that don’t cut it. But by God you can bet anything that we’ll be there writing every step of the way.


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