Who Should Have Hosted the “Correspondents Dinner”

The 100th “Correspondents Dinner” has found it’s host: Joel McHale.

Never heard of him?

Quite frankly, if we didn’t breath, eat, and sleepentertainment, neither would we!!!

McHale has a strong but small fan base for his role in Community as leader Jeff Winger that makes him fairly recognizable and his gig hosting The Soup gives him experience with diminishing pop culture.

But really? For the 100th episode you are going to go with a fresh face barely known? McHale would be a great bet for the hosting spot, but he’s too small a name to command the centennial celebration. He’s funny, but does he have the power in pop culture to bring in ratings? We were hoping for someone fresh, new and exciting. And while McHale is that, their are better options.

Why not Kevin Hart!? He’s the PERFECT choice for it!


While we’re not sure if he’s a rising star or a victim of exhaustion in Hollywood, his career currently would be enough to pull in the ratings.Hart has made a name for himself. His humor is consistently hilarious with an edge to it that stings. EVERYTHING you’d need for the tricky “Correspondents Dinner” which walks the line of professional and trashy.

But what do you guys think? Will McHale’s loyal fan base support him enough for May 3rd (the “Correspondents Dinner”) to be a success? Or do you think the smarter, funnier, edgier Hartshould have snagged the gig? I think you know what our opinion is! But what’s yours? Vote below in the exclusive pole!!!


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